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Completed Projects: High Altars/Reredos

Complete Removal of Marble Items from Church in Tobyhanna, PA.

Project #: P-2039 Location: Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania Project Type: Removal of Marble Items Date: February 2020

King Richards Designs, Creates, and Installs Complete Sanctuary in Wahoo Nebraska.

Project #:2038 Location: Wahoo, Nebraska Project Type: Liturgical Design, Altars, Side Altars, Statuary, Murals Date: [...]

King Richards Team Rescues High Quality Reredos Hidden Behind a Wall In Lockport New York

Project: P-2032 Location: Lockport, New York Project Type: High Altars, Reredos, Removal Date: 2018-2019

Custom wood furnishings and stained glass window install in MS church

Project #:  P-1720 Location: Mississippi Project Type: Furniture, Stained Glass Date: January 2014

Antique Reredos and Installed by King Richards Team.

Project #: P-2028 Location: Mead, Colorado Project Type: Reredos, Stained Glass Window, Installation Date: June [...]

Pugin designed art, George Harrisons place of Baptism and family parish. This Marian shrine (some would say side altar) is simply a great artifact from the late 1800s.

Project #: P-2034 Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom Project Type: Altars, Side Altars, Shrine, Pulpit, Removal

KR Team acquires Marble Gothic Marian Altar-Shrine in Liverpool, UK.

Project #: P-2025 Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom Project Type: Altar, Removal

California Bay Area Parish Entrusts King Richards with Altar from its Inventory and Installation.

Project #: P-2012 Location: Hollister, California Project Type: Altar Installation

Complete Interior Removal of Marble Liturgical Items from a Closed Church in Mobile, Alabama.

Project #: P-2009 Location: Mobile, Alabama Project Type: Removal, Altar & Altar Rails, Reredos

King Richard’s removes, restores and installs beautiful Marble Altar, Holy Water Font and Ambos for a church in Alabama.

Project #: P-2008 Location: Mobile, Alabama Project Type: Reredos, Altar, Baptismal Fonts and Ambos Removal, [...]

King Richards installs beautiful antique marble altar/reredos in Colorado.

Project #: P-1700 Location: Mead, Colorado Project Type: Altars & Altar Rails, Altars Date: October [...]

KR purchases, dismantles, transports, and delivers century old marble baldachin and railings from Santa Rosa, CA cathedral.

Project #:  P-1718 Location: California Project Type: Altars, Altar Rails Date: January 2017

King Richard’s to Cross the Border to Purchase and Remove Impressive 6 Piece Yellow Sienna marble Set from Closed Convent.

Project #: P-1790 Location: Ontario, Canada Project Type: Marble Altar Removal, Pulpits & Lecterns

Impressive carved wood complete Interior Rescued by King Richards.

Project #: P-1550 Location: Indiana Project Type: Romanesque Reredos, Side Altar, Shrine, Pulpit, Altars, Pulpits [...]

3 Story High Carved Wood Romanesque Reredos Purchased and Removed by King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1330 Location: St. Stephens, South Bend, Indiana Project Type: Wood Altar Removal 

1993 St. George Church has Altars Rescued by King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1360 Location: Chicago, Illinois Project Type: Altar Removal 

KR contracts marble, stained glass, liturgical design, a new altar, altar table, ambo, a baptismal font and all new lighting for St. Theresa’s in Grovetown, GA.

Project #:  P-1711 Location: Grovetown, Georgia Project Type: Altar, Stained Glass, Altar Ware, Altar of [...]