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Completed Projects: Stained Glass

Custom wood furnishings and stained glass window install in MS church

Project #:  P-1720 Location: Mississippi Project Type: Furniture, Stained Glass Date: January 2014

Impressive carved wood complete Interior Rescued by King Richards.

Project #: P-1550 Location: Indiana Project Type: Romanesque Reredos, Side Altar, Shrine, Pulpit, Altars, Pulpits [...]

Historic Windows Finally Find New Home at St. John the Evangelist Church in Frederick, MD.

Project #: P-2037 Location: Swoyersville, Pennsylvania Project Type: Removal, Stained Glass Windows Date: June 2012

St. Peter and Paul Church places all liturgical items with King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1124 Location: Avoca, PA Project Type: Altar, Stained Glass Windows

F.X. Zettler Stained Glass Windows Acquired by KR in New England.

Project #: P-2027 Location: New England Project Type: Stained Glass Windows 

KR Colorsmith restores Stained Glass Windows for a Church in Mississippi.

Project #: P-2004 Location: Kiln, Mississippi Project Type: Stained Glass Window Restoration

Large Marble Gothic Reredos Purchased and Removed by King Richard’s with the Mayer Windows

Project #: P-1630 Location: Fall River, Massachusetts Project Type: Gothic Reredos, Altar of Sacrifice, Removal, [...]

Long Island, New York – Complete Chapel Dismantlement by King Richard’s Including all Marble Work, Stained Glass and Other Liturgical Items

Project #: P-1840 Location: Long Island, New York, Project Type: Stained Glass Windows, Altar and [...]

Rescue Project of 3 Historic Large Marble Altars in Scranton, Pennsylvania by King Richard’s of all Marble Work and Stained Glass.

Project #: P-1750 Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania Project Type: Marble Altars and Items, Stained Glass Windows, [...]

Historical St. Francis in New England Utilizes King Richard’s Buyers, Marble Setters and Stained Glass Personnel for Complete Removal

Project #: P-1729 Location: North Adams, Massachusetts Project Type: Marble Altars, Stained Glass Windows, Removal

KR contracts marble, stained glass, liturgical design, a new altar, altar table, ambo, a baptismal font and all new lighting for St. Theresa’s in Grovetown, GA.

Project #:  P-1711 Location: Grovetown, Georgia Project Type: Altar, Stained Glass, Altar Ware, Altar of [...]

KR provides NH parish with stained glass window to honor veterans.

Project #: P-1731 Location: Manchester, New Hampshire Project Type: Stained Glass Date: February 2018 

King Richard’s helps local archdiocese rehouse it’s stained glass windows.

Project #:  P-1732 Location: Georgia Project Type: Stained Glass, Liturgical Contracting Date: January 2017

KR team of designers and painters created this NEW stained glass window using the finest designs and techniques.

Project #:  P-1733 Location: Peoria, Illinois Project Type: Stained Glass Windows, Custom Date: May 2011

King Richard’s restores historic Florida church’s stained glass windows.

Project #:  P-1712 Location: Florida Project Type: Stained Glass Windows  Date: January 2008

King Richard’s designs and installs custom stained glass windows in Exton, PA.

Project #: P-1706 Location: Pennsylvania Project Type: Stained Glass Windows Date: August 2017

Cathedral of Christ the King needed quality wood light boxes crafted for their long lost stained glass window.

Project #: P-1517 Location: Atlanta, GA Project Type: Woodwork, Stained Glass Window, Custom-Design

Large set of Romanesque Heimer and Sons of New Jersey Stained Glass Windows rescued by King Richards.

Project #: P-1275 Location: Pennsylvania Project Type: Stained Glass Windows