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Churches and other religious facilities on the search for high-end, high quality church furnishings in wood and marble consult King Richard’s.

For centuries, artistry in woodcarving has glorified places of worship. Today the King Richard’s woodshops combine wood artistry and modern science to produce the finest church furnishings available anywhere. Our master woodcarvers and liturgical designers, skilled in their ancient art, fashion furnishings precisely correct for the largest cathedral or the smallest chapel, all at reasonable cost.

Forget mass-produced, wood veneer or particleboard products. We help our clients craft and buy tomorrow’s antiques today. Using the most beautiful woods available, our exclusive custom wood shop has hand crafted furnishings under the most stringent specifications for some of the country’s most historic churches. Unlike disposable church catalog items, these pieces will be cherished for their superior workmanship.

We are dedicated to crafting lasting wood and marble furnishings. Call us today, and we’ll help you custom design pieces that will inspire you for years to come.

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