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Dome Tabernacle

Item #: KREX-290

Antique Gothic Canopy

Item #: KRAWV-4641

Antique Hanging Sanctuary Lamp

Item #: KRAWV-4641-C

New Gothic Tabernacle

Item #: KRAS-142

New Roman Tabernacle

Item #: KRAS-157

New Baroque Tabernacle

Item #: KRAS-164

New Roman Tabernacle

Item #: KRAS-481

New Bishop Chair-Altar

Item #: KRS-SE829

Gothic Chandelier

Item #: KRLT-373

Gothic Chandelier

Item #: KRLT-374

Gothic Chandelier

Item #: KRLT-375

Gothic Chandelier

Item #: KRLT-376

Gothic Hanging Light

Item #: KRLT-378

Great Hall Lantern

Item #: KRLT-390

Side Aisle Chandelier

Item #: KRLT-391

Carved Marble Altar Table

Item #: KRALTAR-73

About King Richards

Making churches look like churches

Within a single company, King Richard’s offers unprecedented integration of services and products by combining technology with old world artistry, design, construction, and project management while implementing problem-solving skills that result in the ability to deliver the finest unique services and product at one source.

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Specialty Contracting

Services to cover everything

King Richard’s contracting division has been actively engaged in the specialty religious business for more than 20 years. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we have successfully completed projects for churches, seminaries, hospitals, schools, diocesan facilities, convents, funeral homes, cemeteries, and private chapels, throughout all 50 states, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

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