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Completed Projects: Lighting

Country church in Ohio places sanctuary lights in the capable hands of King Richard’s buyers and removal crews.


II Peoria Project

Project #: P-2022 Location: Peoria, IL Project Type: Interior Lighting, Custom-Design

KR contracts marble, stained glass, liturgical design, a new altar, altar table, ambo, a baptismal font and all new lighting for St. Theresa’s in Grovetown, GA.

Project #:  P-1711 Location: Grovetown, Georgia Project Type: Altar, Stained Glass, Altar Ware, Altar of [...]

King Richard’s provides historically accurate gothic lanterns and sconces for Arcade Building.

Project #:  P-1721 Location: Missouri Project Type: Hanging Church Lights, Church Lighting Date: January 2014

KR designs and installs custom gothic church lanterns.

Project #:  P-1703 Location: Texas Project Type: Hanging Church Lights, Lighting Date: May 2017

King Richard’s installs stunning custom designed sanctuary lamp.

Project #:  P-1702 Location: Singapore Project Type: Hanging Church Lights, Church Lighting Date: September 2017 

King Richard’s designs a lantern frame for a Church in Georgia.

Location: Grovetown, GA Project Type: Lighting, Custom-Design

“War of the Worlds” Vatican II fixtures were removed by King Richard’s.

Project #:  P-1412 Project Type: Removal Date: January 2014

Samoa South Pacific Islands calls in King Richard’s for liturgical design services which included these new custom lanterns.

Project #: P-1409 Location: Samoa, South Pacific Islands Project Type: Lighting, Custom-Design

18 Matching cherub iron lights with hand-painted details arrived in King Richard’s inventory from the Boston area.

Project #: P-1405 Location: Boston, MA Project Type: Customer-Design, Lighting

Gothic lights from a New England church were rescued by King Richard’s personnel.

Project #: P-1403 Project Type: Lighting, Religious Artifacts

Historic bronze lights were provided by King Richard’s to Sacred Heart Church.

Project #: P-1401 Location: Peoria, IL Project Type: Lighting