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Completed Projects: Mosaics, Murals, & Paintings

King Richard’s Artists Create Custom Angel Mosaic Overdoor for a Church in Hollywood, California.

Project #: P-2013
Location: Hollywood, California
Project Type: Custom Mosaic Overdoor

Marble and Mosaic Altars Purchased and Removed by King Richards.

Project #: P-1180
Location: Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Project Type: Marble Mosaic Altar Removal

KR designs, fabricates and installs the new mosaic Saint panels within their antique reredos niches.

Project #:  P-1717
Location: Virginia
Project Type: Mosaics, Murals, Painting
Date: January 2010

Annunciation Catholic Church saves over $100,000 alone by obtaining their solid oak church pews through King Richard’s inventory.

Project #: P-1502
Project Type: Furniture, Stained Glass Windows, Statuary, Altar Ware, Crucifixes

Hand-painted life-size crucifixion scene rescued by King Richard’s

Project #: P-1431
Location: Scranton, PA
Project Type: Rescue/Relocation, Crosses and Crucifixes, Paintings

Burkhart, OH – Closed gothic church turns to King Richard’s for sale and placement of interior liturgical contents.

Project #: P-1386
Location: Burkhart, OH
Project Type: Removal/Replacement, Lighting, Furniture, Religious Artifacts

New carved marble and mosaic Last Supper designed and fitted our by King Richard’s personnel for a complete church interior project.

Project #: P-1214
Location: Florida
Project Type: Marble, Mosaic, Altar Ware, Custom-Made

King Richard’s was the sole provider of the Henry Keck Studios stained glass windows as well as all restoration/re-leading services.

Project #: P-1149
Location: Joplin, MS
Project Type: Rescue, Restoration, Stained Glass Window, Religious Artifacts

Former gym becomes a new treasure chest full of American and European artifacts from King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1252
Location: Kiln, MS
Project Type: Religious Artifacts, Restoration, Stained Glass Windows, Projects, Altar Ware, [...]

New Traditional Catholic Church Visits King Richard’s and Finds its Mosaic Stations of the Cross.

Project #: P-2970
Location: Tennessee
Project Type: Mosaic, Stations of the Cross

Oil on Canvas Stations of the Cross like this Recent Acquired Set are Common Place at King Richard’s Warehouses

Project #: P-2840
Project Type: Oil Painting, Stations of the Cross, Custom-Made

Hurricane Katrina Churches’ Contents Appraised by King Richard’s Executives Incudling this Mosaic Set of Stations of the Cross

Project #: P-2620
Location: New Orleans, LA
Project Type: Mosaic, Stations of the Cross, Rescued

Chicago Convent Contracts with King Richard’s for its Contemporary Mosaic Stations of the Cross

Project #: P-2430
Location: Chicago, IL
Project Type: Custom-Made, Mosaic, Stations of the Cross, Contemporary

Florida New Marble and Mosaic Set – Altar of Sacrifice, Ambo, Baptismal Font & Tabernacle Stand

Project #: P-2270
Location: Florida
Project Type: Altar, Reredos, Side Altars, Pulpit, Baptismal Font

New Adoration Chapel comes to King Richard’s for its Marble Mosaic Reredos.

Project #: P-1950
Location: North Dakota
Project Type: Altar, Marble, Mosaic

Catholic High School Contacts King Richard’s for its Liturgical Item Placement

Project #: P-1650
Location: Fond du Lac, WI
Project Type: Altar Ware, Mosaic, Furniture, Religious Artifacts