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Completed Projects

King Richards Sculpts a New St. Catherine of Siena Statue for a Catholic Church in California.

Project #: P-2020
Location: Vallejo, California
Project Type: Statuary

Exterior Stations of the Cross Delivered and Installed by King Richards.

Project#: P-2019
Location: Santa Paula, California
Project Type: Exterior Stations of the Cross

KR Artists Create and Install Good Shepherd Marble Statue for a School in Southern Califronia.

Project #: P-2018
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Project Type: Custom Marble Statuary

3 New White Marble Carrara Statues Sculpted, Delivered and Installed by King Richards for a Church in Oxnard.

Project #: P-2017
Location: Oxnard, California
Project Type: Custom Marble Statuary

King Richards Sculpts 7 1/2 Foot Custom Bronze Statue of St. Francis for a High School in California.

Project #: P-2016
Location: Mountain View, California
Project Type: Custom Bronze Statuary

King Richards Creates Custom Church Furnishings Including a Altar of Sacrifice with Angel Statue, with Matching Ambos and Pulpit for a Chapel in California.

Project #: P-2015
Location: Los Altos Hills, California
Project Type: Custom Wood Altar Table, Altar of Sacrifice, [...]

10 Foot Carved Marble Outdoor St. Peter Statue Created by King Richard’s Sculptors St. Peter Catholic Church in California.

Project #: P-2014
Location: Lamoore, California
Project Type: Marble Statuary

King Richard’s Artists Create Custom Angel Mosaic Overdoor for a Church in Hollywood, California.

Project #: P-2013
Location: Hollywood, California
Project Type: Custom Mosaic Overdoor

California Bay Area Parish Entrusts King Richards with Altar from its Inventory and Installation.

Project #: P-2012
Location: Hollister, California
Project Type: Altar Installation

3 Statues Created by King Richards for a Parish in California.

Project #: P-2011
Location: Fullerton, California
Project Type: Statuary

KR Custom Design Services Utilized to Create Church Furnishings and a Baptismal Font for a High School in California.

Project #: P-2010
Location: Capistrano, California
Project Type: Furniture and Baptismal Font Custom Design

Complete Interior Removal of Marble Liturgical Items from a Closed Church in Mobile, Alabama.

Project #: P-2009
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Project Type: Removal, Altar & Altar Rails, Reredos

King Richard’s removes, restores and installs beautiful Marble Altar, Holy Water Font and Ambos for a church in Alabama.

Project #: P-2008
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Project Type: Reredos, Altar, Baptismal Fonts and Ambos Removal, Install, and [...]

KR Colorsmith restores Stained Glass Windows for a Church in Mississippi.

Project #: P-2004
Location: Kiln, Mississippi
Project Type: Stained Glass Window Restoration

King Richards installs beautiful antique marble altar/reredos in Colorado.

Project #: P-1700
Location: Mead, Colorado
Project Type: Altars & Altar Rails, Altars
Date: October 2017

Larger than life statue of St. John the Baptist from King Richards.

Project #:  P-1727
Location: Madison, Alabama
Project Type: Custom Bronze Statuary
Date: January 2014

KR purchases, dismantles, transports, and delivers century old marble baldachin and railings from Santa Rosa, CA cathedral.

Project #:  P-1718
Location: California
Project Type: Altars, Altar Rails
Date: January 2017

KR designs, fabricates, delivers and installs new hand-carved wood furniture for a church in Houston.

Project #:  P-1528
Location: Houston, Texas
Project Type: Furniture, Sedilia, Chairs, Benches
Date: January 2014

St. Mary’s New and Antique Marble Ambo, Reredos, Altar Table and Statuary Complete Renovation Project.

Project #:  P-1568
Location: Saint Mary's Catholic Church, David City, Nebraska
Project Type: Altars and Altar Rails
Date: November [...]

King Richard’s installs beautiful Altar of Sacrifice in Singapore.

Project #:  P-1701
Location: Singapore
Project Type: Altars
Date: September 2017