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Completed Projects

Oldest Cathedral in All of the Americas selected King Richards to design, create, and install new altar, pulpit, and lecturn.

Project #: P-1704
Location: Panama City, Panama
Project Type: Altars, Altar Rails Pulpits

King Richard’s creates 4 marble statues for parish.

Project #:  P-1707
Location: Pennsylvania
Project Type: Statuary, Custom

Date: August 2017


Another Tyrol church interior acquired by King Richard’s including this art grade carved wood crucifixion group in larger-than-life size.

Project #: P-1472
Location: New York City
Project Type: Crosses and Crucifixes, Statuary, Altars and Altar Railings

This hand-painted, hand-carved crucifix with statuary and symbols was provided and installed entirely by King Richard’s crews and services.

Project #: P-1249
Location: Surprise, Arizona
Project Type: Marble Statuary, Crosses and Crucifixes

Hand-carved marble four evangelist statues from King Richard’s are part of a new marble pulpit.

Project #: P-1112
Location: Sanford, Florida 
Project Type: Marble Statuary

New hand-carved marble St. Scholastica with the finest carved details available today.

Project #: P-1152A
Location: St. Benedict College, Kansas
Project Type: Marble Statuary

Rescue Project of 3 Historic Large Marble Altars in Scranton, Pennsylvania by King Richard’s of all Marble Work and Stained Glass.

Project #: P-1750
Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Project Type: Marble Altars and Items, Stained Glass Windows, Removal

King Richard’s to Cross the Border to Purchase and Remove Impressive 6 Piece Yellow Sienna marble Set from Closed Convent.

Project #: P-1790
Location: Ontario, Canada
Project Type: Marble Altar Removal, Pulpits & Lecterns

Impressive carved wood complete Interior Rescued by King Richards.

Project #: P-1550
Location: Indiana
Project Type: Romanesque Reredos, Side Altar, Shrine, Pulpit, Altars, Pulpits and Lecterns, [...]

1993 St. George Church has Altars Rescued by King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1360
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Project Type: Altar Removal