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Antique Carrara Marble and Mosaic Reredos/High Altar

Item Number: KRALTAR-1555

Antique Traditional Reredos/ High Altar with Side Altars and Altar of Sacrifice.

White and Gold Marble Reredos with Extensive Mosaic Details.

High Quality, Perfect for Newer Church because of its modern look.

Installed in original church in the 1930s.

Rood group included.

Last supper panel can be added to the Altar of Sacrifice if desired.

Dimensions: Height: 18 ft. with two steps, 17 ft. without steps, Width: 13.6 ft. Depth: 55 in.

Excellent Condition

Check out the story about this Altar by following this link: King Richards Team Rescues High Quality Reredos Hidden Behind a Wall In Lockport New York

Dimensions 163.2 × 216 in

Marble, Mosaic





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