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Niche Market Success

Brookhaven Buzz
Atlanta, GA

Tim Kelly

Rick Lair, owner of King Richard’s Religious Artifacts, is a man on a mission. He drives 100,000 miles a year buying, selling and delivering religious artifacts to churches, religious organizations and certain individuals. For more than a decade, Rick has helped churches, schools, convents, hospitals and monasteries across America as well as Australia and Canada. In fact, King Richard’s has become such a trusted source for these types of artifacts that some clergy have offered him items for free in order to ensure they are used in the appropriate area.

The staff of King Richard’s works with liturgical consultants, architects and church committees of all denominations to help them enrich their environments with high-quality religious antiques and hand-selected new items. “People rely on our opinion,” says Lair, explaining how he assists customers with selection by understanding the setting in which the item will be dis- played. “Will it be a contemporary or traditional environment? We have the expertise to make solid recom- mendations.”

Located in the Great Gatsby’s auction and antique complex at 5070 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Lair says King Richard’s is not an antique dealer or an auction house. Rather, the company is a source for churches that are plamiing additions by providing artifacts that closely match or complement existing items. Lair says those who are building new churches often want his- torical or superior quality altars, windows, statuary and altar ware.

In addition to the artifacts housed in the store, King Richard’s has thousands of items available for view on its website. The largest of its kind in the world, the website features more than 5,000 photos and is a great place to research the depth and breadth of the market. “The website is unequalled,” states Lair, “and helps us properly re resent our inventory.”

From $50 chalices—one of the most common items they sell——to exquisite, three-story altars that sell for $200,000, King Richard’s Religious Artifacts has it all. To discuss any items you wish to sell or to discuss items you wish to buy, call Rick or Sandy at 770-455-1773 or visit online at www.kingrichards.com.

—Tim Kelley