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New England Church Utilizes King Richard’s Services for Three Wood Altars and all Other Contents

Project #: P-1970 Location: New England, USA Project Type: High Altars, Wood, Removal

Irving, Texas Gives King Richard’s Marble Setters 117 Degrees for the Installation of 3 Marble Altars

Project #: P-1760 Location: Irving, TX Project Type: Altars, Marble

Large Romanesque High Altar Reredos with Matching Side Altars and Pulpit Purchased and Preserved.

Project #: P-1830 Location: Upper Pinesula, Michigan Project Type: Romanesque Altar and Side Altars, Ambos, [...]

New Multi-color Altar and Ambo from King Richard’s

Project #: P-1850 Location: Maryland Project Type: Altar of Sacrifice

Michigan – Dominican Sisters Place Relics in their New Mable Altar from King Richard’s Designers and Installers

Project #: P-1890 Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan Project Type: Marble Altar Install

New Marble Altar for the Bishop’s Chapel at the Chancery Office

Project #: P-1670 Location: Fort Worth, TX Project Type: Altars/Reredos, Marble

National Landmark Building Counts on King Richard’s Designs and Execution for a Proper New Wood Altar Table.

Project #: P-1520 Location: St. Michaels Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois Project Type: Wood Altar Table

Connecticut Church Provides King Richard’s with Large Gothic High Altar and Side Altars

Project #: P-1570 Location: New Haven, Connecticut Project Type: Gothic Altar, Side Altars

Connecticut Closed Church Trusts King Richard’s to Place their Altar in a Kansas Church.

Project #: P-1580 Location: Danbury, Connecticut Project Type: Altar Removal

Episcopal Church in Atlanta Acquires its Altar Table for a New Prayer Room

Project #: P-1600 Location: Atlanta, GA Project Type:Altar Table, Altar of Sacrifice

Gothic High Altar and 6 Matching Pieces Entrusted to King Richard’s by an East Coast Catholic Church

Project #: P-1680 Location: Nanticoke, Pennsylvania Project Type: Gothic Altar, Removal

Convent Contacts King Richard’s for Marble Altar Table and Two Side Altars

Project #: P-1480 Location: Chicago, IL Project Type: Altars/Reredos, Marble

New Marble Altar Reredos and Ambo for Bishops Chapel in New Jersey.

Project #: P-1460 Location: Patterson, New Jersey  Project Type: Altar/Reredos Custom Installation, Ambos, Pulpits