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Bishops Chair

Item Number: KRF-526

KRF-526-Hand carved wood bishops chair with canopy. The chair is adorned with openwork carving. There are two split balusters on either side of the chair back. The chair back is arcaded and of three panels which is adorned with a cross on the middle of the upper rail. The chair is covered by a canopy which is also highly detailed in the wood carving elements. This Bishops chair can be made to your specifications and in either Roman or Gothic style. All King Richard’s furniture is hand crafted to order utilizing the finest quality materials and techniques. Our products are not mass produced in a large factory or imported. Customer chooses the finish, style, sizes, materials, and any other alterations to suit your needs. Quartered oak, walnut, or mahogany available for an additional cost. The sizes listed are standard, but can be modified to a reasonable degree if desired. Gold leaf trim details can be supplied at an additional cost. Letters can be carved into the wood at a cost of $30.00 per letter. Dimensions: 11 feet 6 inches in height, 3 feet 8 inches in width. Can be made to your specifications.





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