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Set of American arts and crafts style painted windows from the Henry Keck Studios.

Project #: P-1809 Location: New York Project Type: Stained Glass Windows

King Richard’s is proud to be a trusted service provider for the acquisition of stained glass windows.

Project #: P-1296 Location: Boston, MA Project Type: Stained Glass Windows

Over 6,000 square feet of glass rescued by King Richard’s buyers and stained glass workers for our inventory.

Project #: P-1298 Location: Worcester, MA Project Type: Rescue, Stained Glass Windows

Small convent chapel finds their single needed window in our warehouse

Project #: P-1299 Location: Kansas Project Type: Stained Glass Window

New bell tower/prayer room obtains all of its stained glass at King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1300-B Location: Michigan Project Type: Stained Glass Windows

Franz Mayer & Co. of Munich crucifixion windows purchased and removed by King Richard’s

Project #: P-1139 Location: Fall River, MA Project Type: Removal, Stained Glass Windows, Replacement

EWTN Global Catholic Network has been a regular customer of King Richard’s

Project #: P-1141 Location: Birmingham, AL Project Type: Stained Glass Windows

Historic church scheduled for demolition calls in King Richard’s to purchase all liturgical items

Project #: P-1142 Location: Indiana Project Type: Removal, Inventory, Stained Glass, Rescue, Religious Artifacts

New Catholic church hires King Richard’s as its liturgical consultant and exclusive decorative arts provider

Project #: P-1144 Location: Georgia Project Type: Interior Design, Stained Glass Windows

Church finds small round window in our inventory that was already sold so we make a duplicate as requested.

Project #: P-1145 Location: Oklahoma Project Type: Custom-Made, Stained Glass Windows

Former shrine turns to King Richard’s for the removal of its American stained glass windows

Project #: P-1146 Location: Hazelton, PA Project Type: Removal, Stained Glass Windows

Three merging churches turn to King Richard’s Contracting Services for this nice set of American windows.

Project #: P-1147 Location: Hurley, WI Project Type: Rescue, Stained Glass Windows, Replacement

Closed Catholic hospital chapel entrusts King Richard’s Contracting Services with a set of hand-painted windows

Project #: P-1148 Location: Illinois Project Type: Stained Glass Windows, Hand-Painted