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Impressive carved wood complete Interior Rescued by King Richards.

Project #: P-1550 Location: Indiana Project Type: Romanesque Reredos, Side Altar, Shrine, Pulpit, Altars, Pulpits [...]

NJ church utilizes King Richard’s insured and bonded construction services for the complete removal of liturgical artifacts.

Project #:  P-1253 Location: New Jersey Project Type: Removal, Crosses and Crucifixes

Archdiocese of Philadelphia entrusts King Richard’s and its removal services with a complete marble interior.

Project #: P-1245 Location: Philadelphia, PA Project Type: Marble Statuary

Pennsylvania Church Provides King Richard’s with 3 Gothic Wood Altars

Project #: P-2160 Location: Pennsylvania Project Type: Altars

Pair of Gothic Altars Purchased and Removed by King Richard’s in Massachusetts

Project #: P-2150 Location: North Adams, MA Project Type: Altar, Reredos

Church Calls King Richard’s to Purchase and Remove it’s Very Large Gothic High Altar Reredos

Project #: P-2120 Location: Pittsburgh, PA Project Type: Altars, Removal

Providence, Rhode Island Provides King Richard’s with a Gothic Reredos which is now in Another Episcopal Church

Project #: P-2090 Location: Providence, Rhode Island Project Type: Reredos

New England Church Utilizes King Richard’s Services for Three Wood Altars and all Other Contents

Project #: P-1970 Location: New England, USA Project Type: High Altars, Wood, Removal

New England Church Works with King Richard’s to Handle all its Patrimony and These 3 Marble Altars

Project #: P-1980 Location: New England, USA Project Type: Altars of Sacrifice

New England Parish Turns to King Richard’s with its Three Closed Churches for Trusted Repurposing in Other Churches

Project #: P-1990 Location: New England, USA Project Type: Altars, Removal  

Serious Marble Removal Job Contracted with King Richard’s in Newark, New Jersey

Project #: P-2010 Location: Newark, NJ Project Type: Altar Removal, Marble

Rock Island, Illinois Church Carved Wood Altar and Fittings come to King Richard’s

Project #: P-2050 Location: Rock Island, IL Project Type: Altars