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Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter uses King Richard’s for its New Carved Wood Reredos

Project #: P-2110 Location: Pittsburgh, PA Project Type: Altars/Reredos

New School Chapel Fittings from King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1730 Location: Buckhead, GA Project Type: Statuary

Complete Design Delivery and Installation of New Marble Work at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church.

Project #: P-1770 Location: Johns Creek, Georgia Project Type: Marble Altar, Marble Products, Custom Design, [...]

New Multi-color Altar and Ambo from King Richard’s

Project #: P-1850 Location: Maryland Project Type: Altar of Sacrifice

New Marble Altar set from King Richard’s Designed, Delivered and Installed.

Project #: P-1860 Location: Memphis, Tennessee Project Type: Altar Removal

Michigan – Dominican Sisters Place Relics in their New Mable Altar from King Richard’s Designers and Installers

Project #: P-1890 Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan Project Type: Marble Altar Install

New Marble Altar for the Bishop’s Chapel at the Chancery Office

Project #: P-1670 Location: Fort Worth, TX Project Type: Altars/Reredos, Marble

New Marble Altar Set for a Retreat Center from King Richard’s Designs and Marble Setters

Project #: P-1640 Location: Florida Project Type: Marble Altar Table, and Ambo

EWTN Brothers in Alabama Obtain their New Marble Fittings from King Richard’s and its Craftsmen.

Project #: P-1610 Location: Alabama Project Type: Marble Altar of Sacrfice

National Landmark Building Counts on King Richard’s Designs and Execution for a Proper New Wood Altar Table.

Project #: P-1520 Location: St. Michaels Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois Project Type: Wood Altar Table

New Marble Altar Reredos and Ambo for Bishops Chapel in New Jersey.

Project #: P-1460 Location: Patterson, New Jersey  Project Type: Altar/Reredos Custom Installation, Ambos, Pulpits 

New Carved Wood Ambo from King Richard’s Workshops and Designs.

Project #: P-1430 Location: California Project Type: Wood Pulpit and Ambo

Solid Mahogany Altar of Sacrifice Designed and Crafted in King Richard’s Wood Shops.

Project #: P-1380 Location: Mobile, Alabama Project Type: Wood Altar

Walla Walla Washington Comes to Atlanta for a Marble Altar of Sacrifice, Ambo and Baptismal Font

Project #: P-1230 Location: Walla Walla, Washington Project Type: Marble Altar, Baptismal Font, Pulpits & [...]

Anglican Church Hires King Richard’s for their New Wood Reredos and All Other Interior New Woodwork.

Project #: P-1290 Location: Greenwood, South Carolina Project Type: Reredos Woodwork, Stations of the Cross, [...]

New Day Chapel Hires King Richards for all Design, Crafting, and Installing of its Marble Altar Table and Lectern

Project #: P-1280 Location: Mitchell,  South Dakota  Project Type: Marble Fittings, Install, Altar Table, and [...]