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Pair of Gothic Altars Purchased and Removed by King Richard’s in Massachusetts

Project #: P-2150
Location: North Adams, MA
Project Type: Altar, Reredos

Pennsylvania Church Provides King Richard’s with 3 Gothic Wood Altars

Project #: P-2160
Location: Pennsylvania
Project Type: Altars

Providence, Rhode Island Provides King Richard’s with a Gothic Reredos which is now in Another Episcopal Church

Project #: P-2090
Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Project Type: Reredos

Church Calls King Richard’s to Purchase and Remove it’s Very Large Gothic High Altar Reredos

Project #: P-2120
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Project Type: Altars, Removal

Large Carved Wood Neo Gothic Reredos and 2 Matching Side Altars Removed by King Richard’s Craftsman in Wisconsin

Project #: P-1820
Location: St. Charles Catholic Church, Wisconsin
Project Type: Gothic Reredos, Side Altars

Lutheran Church Calls King Richard’s for the Removal of its Gothic Wood Altars

Project #: P-1920
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Project Type: Altar Removal

Large Marble Gothic Reredos Purchased and Removed by King Richard’s with the Mayer Windows

Project #: P-1630
Location: Fall River, Massachusetts
Project Type: Gothic Reredos, Altar and Altar Rails, Removal, Stained [...]

Former Catholic Church in Detroit Provides King Richard’s Buyers Woodworkers with a Fine Gothic Reredos

Project #: P-1660
Location: Detroit, IL
Project Type: Altars/Reredos, Removal

Gothic High Altar and 6 Matching Pieces Entrusted to King Richard’s by an East Coast Catholic Church

Project #: P-1680
Location: Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
Project Type: Gothic Altar, Removal

Historical New Gothic Altars from King Richard’s for a Wisconsin Shrine

Project #: P-1710
Location: Wisconsin
Project Type: Altars/Reredos

Large, Carved Wood, Gothic Reredos Purchased and Dismantled by King Richard’s

Project #: P-1170
Location: St. Thomas Aquinas, North Adams, Massachusetts
Project Type: Reredos, carved wood, removals

King Richard’s Buyers Rescue this Gothic Reredos High Altar that now resides in a Michigan Adoration Chapel.

Project #: P-1200
Location: Wisconsin 
Project Type: Gothic Altar/Reredos Removal 

Illinois Church Provides King Richard’s with a Gothic Altar.

Project #: P-1210
Location: Wilmette, Illinois
Project Type: Gothic Altar Removal

King Richard’s Repurposes Gothic Altars from E. Hackner Studios.

Project #: P-1220
Location: Wallahalla, North Dakota
Project Type: Gothic Altar