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KR Custom Design Services Utilized to Create Church Furnishings and a Baptismal Font for a High School in California.

Project #: P-2010
Location: Capistrano, California
Project Type: Furniture and Baptismal Font Custom Design

KR designs, fabricates, delivers and installs new hand-carved wood furniture for a church in Houston.

Project #:  P-1528
Location: Houston, Texas
Project Type: Furniture, Sedilia, Chairs, Benches
Date: January 2014

Impressive carved wood complete Interior Rescued by King Richards.

Project #: P-1550
Location: Indiana
Project Type: Romanesque Reredos, Side Altar, Shrine, Pulpit, Altars, Pulpits and Lecterns, [...]

Custom wood furnishings and stained glass window install in MS church

Project #:  P-1720
Location: Mississippi
Project Type: Furniture, Stained Glass
Date: January 2014

King Richard’s provides Florida church with new crucifix and furnishings.

Project #:  P-1714
Location: Florida
Project Type: Furniture, Pulpits/Ambos
Date: January 2008

KR contracts marble, stained glass, liturgical design, a new altar, ambo, a baptismal font and all new lighting for St. Theresa’s in Augusta, GA.

Project #:  P-1711
Location: Augusta, Georgia
Project Type: Altar, Stained Glass, Furniture, Liturgical Design, Baptismal Font, Ambo, [...]

Installation of stunning wood and brass ambo in Singapore.

Project #: P-1705
Location: Singapore
Project Type:  Furniture, Pulpits/Ambos
Date: September 2017

Cathedral of Christ the King needed quality wood light boxes crafted for their long lost stained glass window.

Project #: P-1517
Location: Atlanta, GA
Project Type: Woodwork, Furniture, Stained Glass Window, Custom-Design

New sacristy cabinet for a convent. Must see the attached photos to see the design work and quality of workmanship we offer.

Project #: P-1518
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Project Type: Furniture, Woodwork

Closed church produces two truckloads of pews, and three sacristy cabinets all for our furniture inventory.

Project #: P-1521 Location: Detroit, Michigan Project Type: Pews, Altars, Side Altars, Pulpit, Furniture

New gothic Pieta pedestal for a historic Catholic church.

Project #: P-1522
Location: Drexel Hill, PA
Project Type: Furniture

King Richard’s provided new sanctuary chairs, server chairs and matching oak votive stands.

Project #: P-1523
Location: Maryland
Project Type: Furniture, Wood, Statue Pedestals, Chairs

Rhode Island church entrusts King Richard’s buyers and crews with some very fine wood sanctuary fittings.

Project #: P-1524
Location: Rhode Island
Project Type: Sanctuary Fittings, Pulpit, Altar Railings

Historic Chicago church of St. Michaels turns to King Richard’s for superior quality woodworking to match the church’s ornate interior.

Project #: P-1516
Location: Chicago, IL
Project Type: Furniture, Custom-Design, Woodwork

New Hampshire historic church’s Diocese retains King Richard’s services to purchase, remove and transport all of its liturgical furnishing.

Project #: P-1505
Location: New Hampshire
Project Type: Removal/Rescue, Inventory, Furniture, Statuary, Lighting