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Another Tyrol church interior acquired by King Richard’s including this art grade carved wood crucifixion group in larger-than-life size.

Project #: P-1472 Location: New York City Project Type: Crosses and Crucifixes, Statuary, Altars and [...]

This hand-painted, hand-carved crucifix with statuary and symbols was provided and installed entirely by King Richard’s crews and services.

Project #: P-1249 Location: Surprise, Arizona Project Type: Marble Statuary, Crosses and Crucifixes

A church obtains its new antique crucifix and Daprato Studios stations of the cross set from King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1453 Location: Fort Wayne, IN Project Type: Stations of the Cross

E. Hackner Altar Company hand carved this piece of art which King Richard’s was proud to purchase.

Project #: P-1469 Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Project Type: Crucifixes and Crosses

Originally crafted in northern Italy in the late 1800s.

Project #: P-1474 Project Type: Crosses and Crucifixes 

Large Italian antique carved wood crucifix from 1961 is rescued by King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1476 Location: Atlanta, Georgia Project Type: Crucifixes and Crosses 

Convent contracts with King Richard’s and its ethical services for all of their liturgical items.

Project #: P-1477 Location: New England Project Type: Crosses and Crucifixes

Italian crucifix comes to King Richard’s inventory prior to the demolition.

Project #: P-1478 Location: Connecticut Project Type: Crosses and Crucifixes 

Archdiocese counts on King Richard’s to handle their patrimony items.

Project #: P-1467 Location: Lowell, Massachusetts Project Type: Crucifixes and Crosses 

Extra large 1920s Daprato Studios crucifix in original condition is rescued from a suppressed parish.

Project #: P-1497 Location: Fresno, CA Project Type: Crucifixes and Crosses

Restoration examples of a crucifix that was peeling, flaking and in need of a new cross.

Project #: P-1498A Project Type: Restoration, Crosses and Crucifixes, Statuary

A Lutheran church gets its new larger-than-life Risen Christ hand-delivered from King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1456 Location: Arizona Project Type: Cross, Statuary, Wood, Hand-Carved

A Catholic church comes to King Richard’s warehouse to find their antique crucifix which we later delivered and installed.

Project #: P-1457 Location: Kansas City, KS Project Type: Crosses and Crucifixes

Closed church turns to King Richard’s and its buying power to handle their patrimony needs.

Project #: P-1494 Location: Wilkes Barre, PA Project Type: Removal, Crucifixes, Statuary