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King Richards Creates Custom Church Furnishings Including a Altar of Sacrifice with Angel Statue, with Matching Ambos and Pulpit for a Chapel in California.

Project #: P-2015
Location: Los Altos Hills, California
Project Type: Custom Wood Altar Table, Altar of Sacrifice, [...]

King Richard’s removes, restores and installs beautiful Marble Altar, Holy Water Font and Ambos for a church in Alabama.

Project #: P-2008
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Project Type: Reredos, Altar, Baptismal Fonts and Ambos Removal, Install, and [...]

King Richard’s to Cross the Border to Purchase and Remove Impressive 6 Piece Yellow Sienna marble Set from Closed Convent.

Project #: P-1790
Location: Ontario, Canada
Project Type: Marble Altar Removal, Pulpits & Lecterns

Impressive carved wood complete Interior Rescued by King Richards.

Project #: P-1550
Location: Indiana
Project Type: Romanesque Reredos, Side Altar, Shrine, Pulpit, Altars, Pulpits and Lecterns, [...]

Closed church produces two truckloads of pews, and three sacristy cabinets all for our furniture inventory.

Project #: P-1521 Location: Detroit, Michigan Project Type: Pews, Altars, Side Altars, Pulpit, Furniture

Rhode Island church entrusts King Richard’s buyers and crews with some very fine wood sanctuary fittings.

Project #: P-1524
Location: Rhode Island
Project Type: Sanctuary Fittings, Pulpit, Altar Railings

New marble lectern made to match the other new fittings King Richard’s provided for this chapel.

Project #: P-1531
Location: Florida
Project Type: Custom-Design, Furniture, Marble

Houston Episcopal church orders a new custom altar railings, lectern and pulpit from King Richard’s.

Project Type: P-1528
Location: Houston, TX
Project Type: Sanctuary Fittings, Lectern, Pulpit, Altar Railings

New hand-carved furnishings included this custom small altar table and custom angel lectern.

Project #: P-1539
Location: New Jersey
Project Type: Altar of Sacrifice, Lectern

San Francisco Bay area Anglican church comes to King Richard’s with the hope of having something unique and special made for their chapel.

Project #: P-1534
Location: San Francisco, California
Project Type: Altar of Sacrifice, Liturgical Design

New CAD designs from King Richards for a new church desiring simplistic sanctuary furnishings.

Project #: P-1556
Location: Florida 
Project Type: Furniture, Ambos, Pulpits & Lecterns 

Florida New Marble and Mosaic Set – Altar of Sacrifice, Ambo, Baptismal Font & Tabernacle Stand

Project #: P-2270
Location: Florida
Project Type: Altar, Reredos, Side Altars, Pulpit, Baptismal Font

Complete Design Delivery and Installation of New Marble Work at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church.

Project #: P-1770
Location: Johns Creek, Georgia
Project Type: Marble Altar, Marble Products, Custom Design, Ambos & [...]

Large Romanesque High Altar Reredos with Matching Side Altars and Pulpit Purchased and Preserved.

Project #: P-1830
Location: Upper Pinesula, Michigan
Project Type: Romanesque Altar and Side Altars, Ambos, Pulpits and [...]

New Multi-color Altar and Ambo from King Richard’s

Project #: P-1850
Location: Maryland
Project Type: Altars/Reredos

Contempoary Travertine Marble Set from Italy leaves Pennsylvania for its New Home in Atlanta, Georgia

Project #: P-1590
Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Project Type: Marble Products, Altars and Altar Rails, Ambos, Pulpits & [...]

Carved Wood Altars Pulpit and Font Purchased and Removed by King Richard’s Personnel.

Project: P-1470
Location: Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Project Type: Carved Wood Altars, Wood Pulpit, Pulpits & Lecterns, Altars and [...]

New Carved Wood Altar and Ambo from King Richard’s Workshops and Designs.

Project #: P-1430
Location: California
Project Type: Wood Altars, Ambos, Pulpits and Lecterns