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Tabernacle Restoration for Parish in Lagos, Nigeria.

Project #: P-2007 Location: Lagos, Nigeria Project Type: Tabernacle Restoration, Altar Ware Restoration

King Richard’s provides custom tabernacles for Texas church.

Project #: P-1722 Location: Texas Project Type: Altar Ware, Tabernacles Date: January 2014

King Richard’s contracts creation of stunning wood reliquaries for Georgia parish.

Project #:  P-1726 Location: Georgia Project Type: Altar Ware, Reliquaries  Date: January 2014

South Carolina Catholic Church Finds its Altars, Altarware and Stations of the Cross at King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1250 Location: Taylors, South Carolina Project Type: Marble Altar, Side Altars, Marble Reredos, [...]

Archdiocese of Boston Utilizes KR’s Specialty Contracting Service to Move Marble Altars to the Cathedral

Project #: P-1410 Location: Boston, Massachusetts Project Type: Marble Altar Removal and Install, Altars and [...]