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New Hand Carved Marble Baptismal Font

Item Number: KRFONTS-111

KRFONTS-111: New hand carved marble baptismal font with exceptional detailed carvings. Details include an eight sided base, a cluster of columns and capitals make up the shaft, and an extremely ornate, eight sided bowl. The top is made of wood and brass. Dimensions: 54 inches in height and 21 inches in diameter. King Richard’s marble products are hand carved from natural stone. We do not use cast or cultured marble. Our marble merchandise is custom made to order, not mass produced. Choice of dimensions, color(s), finishes, specific details, and custom modifications are available with any custom marble order. Dimensions: The dimensions shown are traditional sizes, but can be altered to suit your needs. Colors: There are numerous marble colors to choose from. If you are attempting to match an existing marble piece in your collection, please provide us with a photograph or sample color. Decorative Elements: Borders, trim, panels, molding, finials, spires, columns, capitals, symbols, and statues may be selected to customize your piece. King Richard’s also offers other items to coordinate with this piece, for example: altar tables, credence tables, reredos, lecterns, pulpits, altar rails, baptismal fonts, holy water fonts, etc.





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