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Antique Gothic EW Pugin Marble Marian (St Mary) Side Altar/Shrine

Item Number: KRALTAR-1343

Original condition.

Pugin designed art, George Harrison’s place of Baptism and family parish.

This Marian shrine (some would say side altar) is simply a great artifact from the late 1800s.

The details include all English alabaster and imported marbles, all hand carved details, amazing pair of high relief Puginesque angels,

The complete Hail Mary Prayer in Latin carved into the alabaster front under the angel and into the gradines.

The quality of this piece of art is obvious throughout its tombstone size pieces of stone, it is self-supporting as the walls are 4-8 inches thick as well as the relief panels. As a comparison

The size of this shrine is  13’ 8” high by 9 feet wide. It was designed for and not installed or used – a cross or finial on the top center canopy. Can be re-created.

The altar is filthy from 120 years candle soot, coal fired heating, windows always open for air in the very industrial city center of Liverpool and their historic docks.

The altar’s condition is exactly how you would want to find it, history all over it.

It will polish up. Some of the pieces we just wiped away some of the grime off it to see the beautiful alabaster underneath.

Item# KRATLAR-1343







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