An altar is more than a piece of liturgical furniture; it is a work of art that represents Jesus Christ. And when one considers how that piece of art lays the foundation for the overall aesthetic and spiritual environment of your church, you realize the necessity of an expert with historical knowledge and liturgical perspective. Whether you are contemplating a restoration project, a new installation or even a complete new church, you will want the style and size of the altar to reflect the physical and spiritual environment that surrounds it.

At King Richard’s you’ll discover hundreds of styles of liturgically correct altars from traditional pieces crafted at the turn of the century to new altars constructed by members of the King Richard’s team. If you want your sanctuary to reflect its 1880s heritage, browse through our inventory. Building a new church and want to incorporate images and symbols reflective of your evolving faith community? Research our vast archives for ideas on how to incorporate iconography into your design. Need a facelift for a formerly glorious piece still in use? Call King Richard’s to refurbish and restore the altar’s faded beauty. We have the technical know-how and liturgical design knowledge to restore or replicate altars from any period or style in any material.

To learn why King Richard’s is trusted by more religious institutions than any other company, view our online gallery. We have restored or crafted hundreds of high-end marble and wood altars and arranged for their delivery and installation in many of the world’s most important religious facilities. Let our next stop be on your doorstep!