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Completed Projects

Archdiocese of Boston’s Sacred Heart See King Richard’s do Marble and Mosaic Removal in Closed Church

Project #: P-1420 Location: Boston, MA Project Type: Mosaics and Murals, Removal 

New Carved Wood Ambo from King Richard’s Workshops and Designs.

Project #: P-1430 Location: California Project Type: Wood Pulpit and Ambo

Berkshire Mountains Provide King Richard’s with Carved Wood 3 Piece Altar Set.

Project #: P-1450 Location: Berkshire Mountains, MA Project Type: Carved Wood Altar

New Marble Altar Reredos and Ambo for Bishops Chapel in New Jersey.

Project #: P-1460 Location: Patterson, New Jersey  Project Type: Altar/Reredos Custom Installation, Ambos, Pulpits 

Convent Contacts King Richard’s for Marble Altar Table and Two Side Altars

Project #: P-1480 Location: Chicago, IL Project Type: Altars/Reredos, Marble

Complete Church Interior Removed by King Richard’s Including this Reredos and all Other Woodwork

Project #: P-1490 Location: Chicago, IL Project Type: Altars/Reredos, Removal, Woodwork

Chicago Land Area Produces the Finest Marble and Mosaic Reredos for King Richard’s Buyers and Marble Workers

Project #: P-1500 Location: Dubuque, Iowa Project Type: Marble and Mosaic Reredos, Altar and Altar [...]

Large, Carved Wood, Gothic Reredos Purchased and Dismantled by King Richard’s

Project #: P-1170 Location: St. Thomas Aquinas, North Adams, Massachusetts Project Type: Reredos, carved wood, [...]

3 piece carved marble angel altar set rescued by King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1120 Location: Albany, New York Project Type: Marble Altar

Annunciation Church Turns to KR for Complete Transformation from Gym to Beautiful Church

Project #: P-1140 Location: Mississippi Project Type: Renovation, Stained Glass Windows, Altars and Altar Railings, [...]

Very Large 3 Piece Wood Altar set Acquisition by King Richard’s.

Project #: P-1485 Location: Albany, New York Project Type: Altar Removal 

Restoration of Sanctuary with Historically Correct Altars from NYC.

Project #: P-1150 Location: Baltic, Connecticut Project Type:  Marble Altar Installation and Removal

King Richard’s Buyers Rescue this Gothic Reredos High Altar that now resides in a Michigan Adoration Chapel.

Project #: P-1200 Location: Wisconsin  Project Type: Gothic Altar/Reredos Removal 

Illinois Church Provides King Richard’s with a Gothic Altar.

Project #: P-1210 Location: Wilmette, Illinois Project Type: Gothic Altar Removal

King Richard’s Repurposes Gothic Altars from E. Hackner Studios.

Project #: P-1220 Location: Wallahalla, North Dakota Project Type: Gothic Altar

Walla Walla Washington Comes to Atlanta for a Marble Altar of Sacrifice, Ambo and Baptismal Font

Project #: P-1230 Location: Walla Walla, Washington Project Type: Marble Altar, Baptismal Font, Pulpits & [...]

3 New Marble Altars Reredos Delivered and Installed Entirely by King Richards.

Project #: P-1250 Location: Taylors, South Carolina  Project Type: Marble Altar, Reredos 

New Day Chapel Hires King Richards for all Design, Crafting, and Installing of its Marble Altar Table and Lectern

Project #: P-1280 Location: Mitchell,  South Dakota  Project Type: Marble Fittings, Install, Altar Table, and [...]

Anglican Church Hires King Richard’s for their New Wood Reredos and All Other Interior New Woodwork.

Project #: P-1290 Location: Greenwood, South Carolina Project Type: Reredos Woodwork, Stations of the Cross, [...]