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King Richard’s assists in renovation of a church destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.

Project #:  P-1729
Location: Berkshires, Massachusetts
Project Type: Mosaics, Murals and Paintings
Date: January 2010

KR team of designers and painters created this NEW stained glass window using the finest designs and techniques.

Project #:  P-1733
Location: Peoria, Illinois
Project Type: Stained Glass Windows, Custom
Date: May 2011

King Richard’s installing new marble Altar table and Ambo at historic church.

Project #:  P-1734
Location: Lima, Ohio 
Project Type:  Altars Table, and Pulpit 
Date: August 2013

Catholic church in FL returns to King Richards for its liturgical needs.

Project #:  P-1735
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Project Type:  Statuary, Bronze 

Date: June 2018


KR provides NH parish with stained glass window to honor veterans.

Project #: P-1731
Location: Manchester, New Hampshire
Project Type: Stained Glass
Date: February 2018 

King Richard’s helps local archdiocese rehouse it’s stained glass windows.

Project #:  P-1732
Location: Georgia
Project Type: Stained Glass, Liturgical Contracting
Date: January 2017

KR transports statue from PA for installation at AZ church.

Project #: P-1730
Location: Arizona, USA
Project Type: Statuary 
Date: April 2018 

Monterey Latin Mass Community Comes to King Richard’s to Replicate its Lost High Altar

Project #: 1737
Location: Monterey, California
Project Type: High Altar

King Richard’s provides tabernacle stands, altar of sacrifice, immersion pool and ambo for Texas parish.

Project #:  P-1728
Location: Texas
Project Type: Altars, Tabernacles, Baptismal Fonts
Date: January 2015

King Richard’s provides custom tabernacles for Texas church.

Project #: P-1722
Location: Texas
Project Type: Altar Ware, Tabernacles
Date: January 2014

King Richard’s has custom shrines created for local parish.

Project #:  P-1725
Location: Massachusetts
Project Type: Altar Ware, Reliquaries
Date: January 2017

King Richard’s provides complete liturgical design contract, new custom marble work and murals, mosaics, and statuary for church.

Project #:  P-1714
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Project Type: Stained Glass, Altars, Murals, Mosaics
Date: January 2012

King Richard’s provides hard carved crucifix for Maryland University.

Project #:  P-1720
Location: Maryland
Project Type: Crosses, Crucifixes
Date: January 2009

King Richard’s provides historically accurate gothic lanterns and sconces for Arcade Building.

Project #:  P-1721
Location: Missouri
Project Type: Hanging Church Lights, Church Lighting
Date: January 2014

Custom wood furnishings and stained glass window install in MS church

Project #:  P-1720
Location: Mississippi
Project Type: Furniture, Stained Glass
Date: January 2014

King Richard’s contracts creation of stunning wood reliquaries for Georgia parish.

Project #:  P-1726
Location: Georgia
Project Type: Altar Ware, Reliquaries 
Date: January 2014

King Richard’s takes on a massive removal project for a Mississippi church.

Project #:  P-1723
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Project Type: Altars
Date: January 2017

King Richard’s restores historic Florida church’s stained glass windows.

Project #:  P-1712
Location: Florida
Project Type: Stained Glass Windows 
Date: January 2008

KR contracts marble, stained glass, liturgical design, a new altar, ambo, a baptismal font and all new lighting for St. Theresa’s in Augusta, GA.

Project #:  P-1711
Location: Augusta, Georgia
Project Type: Altar, Stained Glass, Furniture, Liturgical Design, Baptismal Font, Ambo, [...]

KR designs, fabricates, delivers and installs marble and mosaic sanctuary fittings for Florida church.

Project #:  P-1713
Location: Florida
Project Type: Marble Altars, Marble Pulpits/Lecterns, Marble Baptismal Fonts
Date: January [...]