New Solid Wood Pews

Item Number: KRF-721
Style: Traditional
Antique or New: New

KRF-721: New Solid Wood Pews. King Richard's custom pews are constructed from solid hardwoods; we do not utilize veneers, particleboard, plywood, MDF, or laminates. Many pew manufacturers claim to produce solid wood pews; however, the seats and seat backs are typically constructed from particle board/MDF. Additionally, the term "hard wood" is often misrepresented. King Richard's defines "hard wood" as red oak, white oak, quartered oak, walnut, mahogany, poplar, and cherry; standard without veneers, pressed wood, laminates, or MDF board. Since our pews are not mass produced, you will not be limited to choosing from template designs or the examples offered here. Stain color can be chosen from our samples, or custom mixed to match existing furniture from a sample provided by the customer. Kneelers are available in wood or aluminum.  Fabric for upholstery can be chosen from our samples, or provided by the customer. King Richard's can also design custom pew frontals as well as altar furniture (pulpits or lecterns, baptismal fonts, altars, presider's chairs, etc.), or replicate existing altar furniture to supplement your collection. Please call us at 678-393-6500 to receive a free quote.

Images for New Solid Wood Pews