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Unlike 99 percent of people trying to sell Stations of the Cross, we actually do all the contracting work! That’s who we are, specialty liturgical contractors, not a mail order catalog company.

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From wall-mounted 2-dimensional carvings to 10-foot free standing monuments requiring extensive support mechanisms, King Richard’s is your one choice for proper installation of your Stations of the Cross. Why? Just view our projects specific to Stations of the Cross to see for yourself.

Our experienced crews will install your Stations in a manner which preserves their structural integrity and material beauty all while working in a manner respectful of the liturgical environment into which it is being placed. At all times our employees uphold safe work practices in keeping with OSHA guidelines and all local and state ordinances.

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To learn why King Richard’s is trusted by more religious institutions than any other company, contact one of our liturgical consultants today.

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