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North America’s Most Complete Church Contractor

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From the smallest of chapels to the most ornate of cathedrals, King Richard’s is the most comprehensive church contractor in North America. Why? We provide more “in-house” services with our own employees (not subs) than anyone else giving our clients a price advantage as well as a single source to fulfill their needs.

Working with convents, seminaries, hospitals, schools, diocesan facilities, funeral homes, cemeteries, and private chapels, throughout all 50 states and Canada for more than three decades, King Richard’s collaborative team of buyers, artisans, salesmen, and specialty contractors are skilled at all aspects of liturgical design, master planning, restoration and new construction services.

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King Richard's is also proud to possess one of the largest religious archives in the world. It comprises hundreds of antique and contemporary church supply catalogs, stained glass studio catalogs and original drawings, church furniture catalogs and designs, thousands of original blue prints, watercolors, church proposals, hundreds of religious reference books, and thousands of original church photographs. These archives are at your disposal as you pursue the liturgical master plan perfect for your faith community’s spiritual needs. We are not only contractors; we are passionate church architecture historians!

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