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Why We Don’t Sell on eBay

King Richard’s has chosen to refrain from selling on eBay due to the lack of accountability and the lack of ethics of some sellers of religious merchandise and the reputation associated with selling religious merchandise on eBay.

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We simply cannot lie to trusting clergy, nuns, archdiocese officials, church leaders and the individual faithful. Some sellers mislead honest religious people, who are worried about their religious items being hocked on eBay, in an effort simply to make enough money to cover their rent payment. We have been informed by every imaginable type of religious official of these people promising, “Oh no sister, we won’t put these things on eBay,” only to do it as soon as they can get on the internet. This type of dishonesty gives all of us a bad name but these individuals don’t care…the rent is due!

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At King Richard’s, we don’t believe in disrespecting religious articles of any faith or disrespecting our faith itself, an attitude which some people obviously don’t share. We do our very best not to be associated with any of these morally corrupt eBay-ers, and we conduct our business only in circles of professionals that enhance our entire industry. Our collaborations are with educated believers that want quality items worthy of their house of God.

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