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Painting/Mural Restorations

Repair and restore damage left behind from the daily wear and tear of your church’s religious life, aging materials and environmental conditions with a full mural or painting restoration from King Richard’s. King Richard’s meticulously cleans, refreshes, and touches up painted surfaces using methods that lovingly reveal and preserve the original artist’s work.

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Part science and part artistry, painting and mural conservation require the expertise to evaluate a work’s condition including material failure, type of pigmentation used, and environmental stressors as well as the client’s wishes in terms of placement, budget and overall aesthetic appearance. Once these factors are evaluated, a plan of action is determined and carried out in close communication with the client throughout the process. No two murals are the same nor are any two restorations.

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At King Richard’s our modern techniques honor and celebrate the quality craftsmanship of these historic beauties. For more information and a free consultation, click [here].

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