In line with state and federal guidelines and in an abundance of caution, King Richard’s will be operating primarily via email ( and direct addresses) and phone with very limited, as needed office presence. Please be patient as we work to maintain high quality service levels through this extraordinary global experience. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone and especially our community of customers and partners around the world. God Bless.
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Make your church look like it used to.

At King Richard’s, our liturgical consultants seek to create balance between the structural soundness, durability and efficiency of a building and the spiritual needs of a faith community to worship in an inspiring, engaging environment. We recognize that architectural elements and the placement and design of liturgical items can encourage or hinder liturgical actions and the full expression of faith.

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Please challenge us to make your church look like a church … no matter the style!

If you are considering options to enhance the faith experience of your parish, whether it be a subtle facelift, a major renovation or even new construction, King Richard’s services can take you from concept to fulfillment, providing artistic insight and collaborative engagement with contractors, building committees, and inspectors so that a place of sacred beauty emerges. At King Richard’s we pair technical expertise with liturgical diligence to create settings which uphold the delicate balance between safe practice considerations and the active worship life of a community.

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For more information and a free consultation, click [here].

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