In line with state and federal guidelines and in an abundance of caution, King Richard’s will be operating primarily via email ( and direct addresses) and phone with very limited, as needed office presence. Please be patient as we work to maintain high quality service levels through this extraordinary global experience. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone and especially our community of customers and partners around the world. God Bless.
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Unequaled Experience in Design

At King Richard’s our design philosophy is simple: we strive to harmoniously marry practical construction of sacred art with exquisite liturgically appropriate detailing. Our furnishings and fittings are crafted using time-honored techniques to produce an engaging, inspiring environment fit to welcome the Divine Presence.

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To achieve this end, our liturgical consultants draw upon our three decades of experience and inspiration evoked working with religious facilities of all sizes and make-ups. No company of any kind has worked in more church facilities than King Richard’s as a result of our ability to offer so many church related solutions. On average, our personnel visit more than 300 churches a year. You cannot buy this kind of experience. At King Richard’s, we strongly believe in the power of beautiful artwork and furnishings to enhance the spiritual experience of your faith community.

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