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Historical Furniture Replication

Traditional furnishings, altars, ambos and pews are back! Yes, the 60s and 70s are over, and King Richard’s is very busy filling the needs of our clients who want their sacred space to look like a church. We have been doing this since our inception and now are a leader in the field of historical recreations and designs.

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Crafted appropriately, a church’s furnishings are more than simply pieces of liturgical furniture; they are works of art. And when one considers the role the furnishings play in enhancing the overall aesthetic and spiritual environment of a church, you realize the necessity of an expert with historical knowledge and liturgical perspective. Whether you are completing a restoration project, a new installation or even a complete new church, you’ll want the liturgical experience and perspective only King Richard’s can provide.

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At King Richard’s you’ll find hundreds of styles of furnishings from salvaged traditional pews and railings crafted at the turn of the century to new altars constructed by members of our in-house team. When we say “we”, it means people employed by King Richard’s, not someone we rep or found in the Yellow Pages. If you want your sanctuary to reflect its 1880s Irish roots and heritage, browse through our inventory. Building a new church and want to incorporate images and symbols reflective of your evolving faith community? Research our vast archives for ideas on how to incorporate iconography into your design, a detail sure to make your space uniquely special. Need a facelift for a formerly glorious piece still in use? Call King Richard’s to refurbish and restore the altar’s faded beauty. We have the technical know-how and liturgical design knowledge to restore or replicate church furnishings from the 1800s to the present.

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To learn why King Richard’s is trusted by more religious institutions than any other company, view our online gallery. We have restored or crafted hundreds of high-end marble and wood altars, pulpits, chairs, railings and lecterns and arranged for their delivery and installation in many of the world’s most important religious facilities. Let our next stop be on your doorstep with hand-crafted products that will be a part of your parish for generations to come!

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[To request designs for your liturgical needs, click here]

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