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New Stained Glass Light Boxes

In recent times, light boxes have become a popular option for stained glass windows of all kinds. Like any specialized product though, experience is key and many issues concerning proper use and safety need to be addressed. Light boxes are not simply a box with a light in it; they are deceptively complex creations which can subtly transform a cool, dark interior space into a warm, inviting spiritual refuge.

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Light boxes can provide a beautiful and decorative way to display your stained glass windows in all types of environments and are the ideal lighting solution for difficult spaces. King Richard’s can build a custom light box to fit any size requirement from a simple single pane stained glass window to illuminating a full size rose window. Call King Richard’s today to discuss how our comprehensive services can best imbue your church with the beauty and inspiration that only the brilliance of properly illuminated stained glass can achieve.

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[Like any specialty item, these light boxes require design and construction by professionals who have performed this type of work before.

There is much more to these than simply putting lights in a box.]