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Enhance Your Outdoor Space

There are few more transfixing liturgical symbols than the crucifix. Artfully rendered, its powerful message of love and redemption is an intimate testament of faith.

Crosses and Crucifixes Image 70Crosses and Crucifixes Image 71


Many religious facilities choose to position a cross or crucifix in an outdoor environment so their community can emulate the Calvary experience while visiting their local family church. King Richard’s exceptional design experts can create outdoor crucifixes or crosses which harmoniously blend with the peaceful landscape of your campus, encouraging contemplation and reflection. A broad selection of durable materials from bronze to fiberglass resin, styles and sizes are found within our warehouse walls or new crosses can be commissioned all at church budget friendly pricing.

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Browse through our website and you will see a variety of ways other religious communities have chosen to incorporate crosses and crucifixes into their outdoor design. Then give King Richard’s a call so you too can bring this expression of faith to your community.

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[Click here to request additional information on large scale exterior crosses/crucifixes]

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