In line with state and federal guidelines and in an abundance of caution, King Richard’s will be operating primarily via email ( and direct addresses) and phone with very limited, as needed office presence. Please be patient as we work to maintain high quality service levels through this extraordinary global experience. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone and especially our community of customers and partners around the world. God Bless.
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Installing Your Cross

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From 3-foot pedestal crosses to 20-foot examples requiring extensive support mechanisms, King Richard’s is your one choice for proper installation of your cross or crucifix.

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Our experienced crews will install your crucifix in a manner which preserves its integrity and safety all while working in a manner respectful of the liturgical environment into which it is being placed. At all times our employees employ safe work practices in keeping with OSHA guidelines and all local and state guidelines. Additionally, we provide all required insurance for any and all work our in-house employees perform. We do not sub-contract our work to others.

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To learn why King Richard’s is trusted by more religious institutions than any other company, contact one of our liturgical consultants today.

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[Need a cross/crucifix removed, moved or installed? Click here for a no obligation proposal]

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