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Stained Glass Appraisals

Frequently a church contacts us as a result of fire, vandalism, theft, weather damage, windows in storage no one knows where they come from, or even a building sale or bankruptcy.

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And sadly, we have also found that many of these properties have little supporting documentation regarding the design and creation of the windows and are not properly insured, leaving them with few options to recapture the majestic beauty of their windows.

To mitigate these shortfalls, King Richard’s has designed a free appraisal program which will walk you through the process of gathering critical information so that, should a catastrophe occur, you are amply prepared. And while almost any stained glass dealer can quote you a replacement value, King Richard’s can actually obtain for you the closest replacement product through historically correct research and replication.

We are amazed at how many people have no idea about who made their windows, where they are from or what symbols are actually on a window. For example, we recently aided a parish in New York that had a tree limb fall through their 1910 window. The window was a symbol window but no one knew what symbol! They had to ask their congregants for old wedding photos to try and find an image. Fortunately, they were able to find one. This common scenario can be avoided in today’s world with a simple site visit, digital camera and a tape measure. We take it from there as far as history goes and identification of the maker. Having this documentation will give you the instant information and values you will need for an insurance claim.

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To begin the appraisal process, provide your church name and other basic information via the link below. We will forward you our brief appraisal guide. Once you complete and return the guide to King Richard’s, our consultants will review the information and provide you with a written appraisal value. This number will act as a guide for you to properly insure the windows, as a plan for future maintenance costs, and as documentation should the unexpected occur.

[Click Here for Appraisal Form]