In line with state and federal guidelines and in an abundance of caution, King Richard’s will be operating primarily via email ( and direct addresses) and phone with very limited, as needed office presence. Please be patient as we work to maintain high quality service levels through this extraordinary global experience. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone and especially our community of customers and partners around the world. God Bless.
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Why King Richard's?

When it comes to working with stained glass, it’s all about getting the ratios right. It is part science and part art, requiring the unlikely synthesis of two disparate disciplines. When brought together in proper balance, they create windows through which the passage of light inspires and elevates the spirit much as we too are elevated when we allow the one true Light to shine through ourselves. This is what sacred art is all about, and only people who work exclusively in this medium can achieve “sacred” results.

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At King Richard’s, we add a third element to the equation: our decades of hands-on experience. From small country churches to large historic cathedrals, our portfolio of stained glass works demonstrates our commitment to restoration, preservation and replication excellence. King Richard’s approaches every project with reverence, respect and a passion for craftsmanship.

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At King Richard’s we don’t do house windows, trendy bars, government buildings or theatres. We are liturgical experts with a passion for art. There is just as much a difference between King Richard’s and a catalog peddler as a true artisan and a stained glass repair shop. Much as people didn’t call Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso for a price on painting their house, we are not who you call for a candle order or a BB hole repair. We are a team of passionate stained glass historians, not novices making a living simply being involved in stained glass. Our greatest challenge is helping our clients understand this distinction so they are not taken in by fast talkers insisting “you cannot tell the difference between our work and antique” and who cannot back up their claims with actual high quality results. We honestly care about the finished appearance of a sacred space more than the all mighty dollar. In our world, there’s only one Almighty.

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All we design are church related facilities and their related windows. We are a full service liturgical stained glass design firm with ministry focus and pricing. Because of our in-depth experience and our library of thousands of quality stained glass windows and cartoons, we are able to deliver high quality work at a cost effective, church budget friendly price. We are literally surrounded by hundreds of antique windows in our warehouses for reference and inspiration.

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You and your parish have nothing to chance by asking King Richard’s for a free, no obligation site visit or committee presentation for new or antique glass. This simple request has saved churches documented millions of dollars. We will tell your group the opposite of what “others” tell you so this request will be well worth it for you and your group’s efforts. Any state, any time, for projects which are committed to quality not quantity, King Richard’s is the one to call.

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And while saving money is important, our motivation is not re-leading, removal or installation even though we do more of this than most; our motivation is creating beautiful sacred spaces to worship God. Our goal is heaven, our focus is Jesus Christ and our passion is sacred spaces, not invoices.

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