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Custom Creations

Let King Richard’s craftsmen breathe life into your design and create enduring works of art sure to be treasured by your parish for generations to come. Equal parts function and beauty, your altarware deserves the labors of only the most skilled master craftsmen using the finest techniques and materials.

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At King Richard’s you can draw inspiration from our warehouse which is home to hundreds of antique chalices, ciboria, monstrances, censers, candlesticks, tabernacles, and croziers recovered from churches and religious facilities around the world. Or we can help you refine your concepts as your work with our collaborative team of artisans to create a custom piece of your own design.

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Throughout your project, you’ll be updated through written communication to document the work’s progress. There will be no surprises when the finished product arrives! With more than three decades of satisfied customers to our credit, we know we can provide you the quality you deserve.

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