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At King Richard’s, our liturgical consultants have worked with hundreds of clients representing some of the most finely appointed churches, chapels, convents and religious facilities in the country. Sadly, we have often found that many of these beautiful churches have little supporting documentation regarding their current artwork and appointments. This leaves the church uneducated should they wish to sell these items or, worse, underinsured should a disaster occur.

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To mitigate these shortfalls, King Richard’s has designed a free appraisal program which will walk you through the process of gathering critical information so that you are amply informed. And while almost any catalog vendor can quote you a replacement value, only King Richard’s can actually obtain for you the closest replacement product.

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To begin, enter you church name and other basic information in the form below and click submit. On the following page, you will provide us with information regarding each individual item to the best of your knowledge including size, material, manufacturer, and vintage. You will also be asked to upload a photo of each item.

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Our liturgical consultants will review the information and provide you with a written appraisal value as well as supply you with critical missing information such as manufacturer and provenance. This number will act as a guide for you to properly insure the items, as a plan for future maintenance costs, and as a reference should you wish to sell the item.

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Louis Comfort Tiffany Altar Candles and Altar Cross recently appraised by King Richard's.