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English Pulpit
White marble pulpit
Hanging Angels - Set of 12
Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross
DePrato Plaster Stations
Large Gothic Wood Altar/Reredos 
Mary and Child Jesus Medallion
Altar of repose Tabernacle
Marian Symbol and All-seeing Eye Medallion
Stain Glass Angels
Ascension of Christ
Stained Glass Vestibule Wall
Three Evangelists
Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Mary - The Blessed Mother Statue
St. Vincent Strambi Statue
Mary Queen of Heaven Statue
St. Anthony Padua Statue
St. Dominic Statue
St. Anthony Statue
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Statue
Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue
St. Anne
Immaculate Conception of Mary Statue
Sanctuary Lamp
St Dominic Savio
Sacred Heart of Jesus
St Francis Xavier
Sacred Heart of Jesus
St Dominic Statue
St Roch Statue
St Pius X Statue
Angels with Candleabras
Stations of the Cross - Joseph Sibbel
Saint Maria Gorreti
St. Gerard
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Stained Glass Window- Jesus on the Cross
Stained Glass Window- Death of St. Joseph
Stained Glass Windows - The 4 Evangelists
Choir Loft Woodwork
Stained Glass Windows The 4 Doctors 
Sacred Heart of Jesus
Stained Glass Window- The Presentation
Ornate Gothic Pews
Stained Glass Window- John Baptizing Jesus
Stained Glass Window- Crowning Mary
Stained Glass Windows - Set of 14 Nave Windows
Stained Glass Set of Three
Marble Shrine
Reredos with Paneling