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Statuary St. Juan Diego

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St. Juan Diego

Title: New Hand Carved, Hand Painted Statue of St. Juan Diego
Item Number: KRNM-A1653
KRMUS-1653: New hand carved and hand painted statue of St. Juan Diego. King Richard's recently designed, crafted and delivered this statue as part of a 5 foot matched set...
Title: Statue of Juan Diego
Item Number: KRDEM-267
KRDEM-267: Statue of Juan Diego. This statue is available in carved wood, marble, resin, bronze, or aluminum. Carved wood statues are available in natural or multicolor p...
Title: New Statue of Juan Diego
Item Number: KRDEM-433
KRDEM-433: New statue of Juan Diego. Available in linden wood or fiberglass, bronze or marble. Available in sizes 3 feet in height or larger....