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Statuary St. Gregory

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St. Gregory

Title: 4' Carved Wood Or Marble Statue Of St. Gregory
Item Number: KRNM-A682
KRMUS-682: Hand carved wood statue of St. Gregory with high relief details. Shown with an extra rich finish, can also be painted or polychromed to your specification. Ava...
Title: New Hand Carved Marble or Wood Statue of St. Gregory
Item Number: KRNM-712
KRNM-712: New hand carved marble or wood statue of St. Gregory. Finishes and colors to your specifications. Dimensions: Available in sizes 3 feet and taller. Call for pri...
Title: Vintage Wood Carved St. Gregory
Item Number: KRVS-2395
Vintage wood carved and polychrome statue of St. Gregory, circa 1850. Shown in full pontifical robes with a dove on his shoulder. In original condition. Dimensions: 45" ...
Title: St. Gregory Statue New
Item Number: KRDOM-395
KRDOM-395: St. Gregory Statue New This statue is available in resin or bronze. Resin statues are available in faux marble, bronze, silver (color added to composite-suit...