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Altars & Altar Rails Tabernacle Pedestals/Towers

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Tabernacle Pedestals/Towers

Title: New Hand Carved Marble Tabernacle Tower/Stand
Item Number: KRNM-1330
KRNM-1330-New hand carved multi-colored marble tabernacle tower/stand. King Richard's recently designed, carved, delivered and installed this large piece as part of a com...
Title: New Hand Carved Multi-Color Marble Tabernacle Stand/Pedestal
Item Number: KRNM-1336
KRNM-1336-New hand carved marble Tabernacle Stand. King Richard's designed, delivered and installed this set for you in any size or color. King Richard's marble products ...
Title: Tabernacle Tower
Item Number: KRALTAR-637
KRALTAR-637: Traditional tabernacle tower in wood or marble. Sized to your specification....