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Altars & Altar Rails Altar Rails-Antique

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Altar Rails-Antique

Title: Romanesque Marble Altar Railing with High Relief Panels
Item Number: KRALTAR-695
Antique carrera marble altar railing. Gates not available. Details include high relief columns, capitals, crosses, chalices, monstrances, and other carvings.  Return Di...
Title: Very fine hand carved Gothic oak altar railing with gates
Item Number: KRALTAR-937
Josephium Church Furniture Company of Columbus, Ohio crafted this stunning oak Gothic altar railing. Measures 28" high and 8" wide. The left and right sections are 164" l...
Title: 2 Hand Carved Oak Gothic Style Altar Rails
Item Number: KRALTAR-863
KRALTAR-863-2 Oak Gothic Style Altar Rails. In original condition. No gates. Missing a couple of columns and capitals and some molding pieces here and there, sold "as is"...