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Altar Ware Tabernacles

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Title: Angel Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-936
KRAWV-936: Two angles on each side, a large cross on the door with sunray design beneath, and a cross with the Alpha Omega. Approximately 50 years old. Dimensions: 33 i...
Title: Contemporary Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-3085
KRAWV-3085: Vintage contemporary, gold nugget styled tabernacle. There is a bracket on the back of the tabernacle to fasten it to the wall. The key is available. In or...
Title: Bronze Tabernacle Door
Item Number: KRAWV-4690
KRAWV-4690: Very fine vintage bronze tabernacle door with IHS on it. No key included. Approximately 90 years old. In original condition. Dimensions: 15 inches in height, ...
Title: Bronze Built In Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-118
KRAWV-118: Square double door tabernacle with kneeling angels, a cross and sunburst details. Designed to be built into the altar. Dimensions:18 inches in height, 16 inche...
Title: Vintage Sunburst Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-4566
KRAWV-4566: Vintage contemporary sunburst wall mount tabernacle. There is no key available. In original condition. Dimensions: 51 inches in height, 51 inches in width, 17...
Title: Bronze Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-2244
KRAWV-2244: Contemporary bronze tabernacle with applied cross, wheat, grape and foliage on front. Key is included. Dimensions: 16 inches in width, 8 inches in height, 10 ...
Title: Contemporary Tabernacle with Symbol of Communion
Item Number: KRAWV-1469
KRAWV-1469: Contemporary tabernacle with the symbol of communion. The symbol of communion is comprised of grapes, heads of wheat and the chalice; this also depicts a comm...
Title: Exquisite Maundy Thursday Repository
Item Number: KRAWV-1916
KRAWV-1916: Exquisite Maundy Thursday Repository. Stepped circular base leading to a high conical stem with a large node below the repository. The body is six sided and h...
Title: Tabernacle with Alpha & Omega Symbols
Item Number: KRAWV-2312
KRAWV-2312: Tabernacle with Alpha & Omega symbols on blue tile applied on doors. NO KEY Approximate age: 1960's. Dimensions: 20 inches in height, 19 inches in width, and ...
Title: Large Bronze Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-2824
KRAWV-2824: Large bronze tabernacle with CHI RHO on the doors. The tabernacle is topped with a celtic cross which can be removed. A key is available. In original conditio...
Title: Large Bronze In-Wall Tabernacle w/ IHS
Item Number: KRAWV-4397
KRAWV-4397: Large Bronze In-Wall Tabernacle w/IHS. Large gothic style bronze tabernacle with double doors and angels inside! Dimensions: Height: 18 inches. Width: 16 inch...
Title: Large Bronze Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-4229
KRAWV-4229: Large Bronze Tabernacle. Large, like new bronze tabernacle. Measures: Height:29" Width:29" Depth:15"...
Title: Large Bronze Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-4323
KRAWV-4323: Large Bronze Tabernacle. Removable top with Holy Spirit on top, PX on door, veil rail included, has a monstrance shelf. Memorial on front: "Gift of Holy Name ...
Title: Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-2562
KRAWV-2562: Cedar lined tabernacle. In original condition, key is present. Dimensions: 16 inches in height, 20 inches in width, 13 inches in depth. Please note: 175 lbs c...
Title: Small Brass Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-4048
KRAWV-4048: Vintage brass tabernacle. The doors are adorned with the Chi Rho. There are altar rods present. There is no key available. Please see matching item number KRA...
Title: Vintage Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-3059
KRAWV-3059: Vintage contemporary tabernacle; the door is adorned with the Chi Rho. The key is available. There is a memorial on the side of the tabernacle. In original...
Title: Round Tabernacle Adorned with Pelican
Item Number: KRAWV-1882
KRAWV-1882: Round, satin lined tabernacle with The-Pelican-in-Her-Piety on door. Ebony node Maltese cross on top. Tabernacle does come with a key. Dimensions: 36 inches i...
Title: Vintage Bronze Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-4415
RKRAWV-4415: Vintage Bronze Tabernacle. Vintage bronze tabernacle with P/X cross, IHS door, Alpha/Omega symbols on door frame and a decorated base. Dimensions: Height: 32...
Title: Traditional Bronze Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-625
KRAWV-625: Outstanding bronze tabernacle. Details include large gothic style cross on top, full relief shell pattern/border, large scrolling handles, ornate door with cha...
Title: Vintage Large Bronze Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-4441
KRAWV-4441: Vintage Large Bronze Tabernacle. Vintage tabernacle with faux glass jewels on the lid, blue stones beneath the lid encircle the tabernacle, and Alpha Omega on...
Title: Brass Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-4289
KRAWV-4289: Brass Tabernacle. Brass tabernacle in original condition, featuring alpha omega on the door, includes key. Dimensions: Height: 15 inches. Width: 19 inches. De...
Title: Brass Tabernacle with Eucharist Symbol
Item Number: KRAWV-756
KRAWV-756: Traditional brass tabernacle. Details include the Eucharist symbol on the door, high relief castings. In original condition, needs to be polished.Dimensions: 1...
Title: Vintage Double Sided/Doors Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-2051
KRAWV-4051: Vintage brass double sided and doors tabernacle. There are interior and exterior altar veils and rods. The key is available. In original condition. Dimeni...
Title: Vintage Tabernacle
Item Number: KRAWV-4149
KRAWV-4149: Vintage tabernacle with key. The door is adorned with a cross. In original condition. Dimensions: 32 inches in height, 16 1/2 inches in diameter....