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Selling To King Richard's

Selling To King Richard's

  • New arrivals every week! For more information, please call our offices at 678-393-6500

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Why is King Richard's the world's most reputable buyer of church antiques?
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King Richard's is the largest buyer of religious artifacts in the United States. Whether you have a single item or a large collection of complete religious items, we have the resources, crews, experiences, and insurance to handle your items in a timely and professional manner.

Unlike some unscrupulous dealers who acquire religious artifacts and then sell them on eBay to bars, restaurants and non-religious users, King Richard's is the undisputed leader in the acquisition, removal and proper placement of vintage religious items.

Our clients can gain needed funds and regain space for items no longer needed, while we handle the removal, restoration, storage and ultimate placement in another religious facility. We have the greatest buying power in the U.S. with the most respected buyers and crews available. That's why King Richard's has the industry's most solid reputation in the acquisition and sale of religious artifacts.

Give us a call today and we'll help you determine the right price for your religious items, all the while guaranteeing they will not be placed in an inappropriate environment.

Naturally, we pay for all shipping and trucking cost on any and all items we purchase.

Churches and other religious facilities:

If you have a large amount of items we will come to your location and give you a proposal for the purchase, removal, and any required replacement. It always helps expedite this process if you can forward photos of your item either via email or through the postal service. Please forward any emails to:

Private individuals and other dealers:

If you have a single item that can easily be shipped, please forward photographs of the item you have for sale so that we can make an offer to purchase. If your items have to be picked up then please send a photo along with sizes of your items. Dealers, if you have a group of items, please contact us immediately for an offer.

Please note that King Richard's buys responsibly. If we know an item is stolen we will contact authorities.

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