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Stations of the Cross Image 7-1

While conceptually the design and style of the Stations of the Cross you are considering can seem appropriate for your worship space, seeing them brought to life on paper is a tangible, dramatic confirmation of that vision.

Stations of the Cross Image 7-2

We are full-time specialists in this field so we offer experience you cannot acquire from the wine and host sellers or consignor dealers who simply can’t perform these designs professionally. Unlike a guy hawking his wares on Ebay, King Richard’s has architects who can provide you with a personalized CAD drawing of your Stations of the Cross in their intended environment. Judging proportions and style accurately are keys to creating an overall cohesive appearance, a task made easier with the expert help of King Richard’s architectural renderings. If preferred, King Richard’s can also provide watercolors, pen and ink drawings, or Photoshopped mock-ups.

Stations of the Cross Image 7-3

These materials are also helpful in illustrating and explaining plans to prospective donors and parishioners. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, imagine what a King Richard’s rendering can be worth to your campaign fund and the overall success of your inspiring sacred space!

Stations of the Cross Image 7-4
Stations of the Cross Image 7-5
Stations of the Cross Image 7-6