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Custom Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross Image 1

When renovating or building a new sacred space, Stations of the Cross are more than an item to “check off your list”. They are important artistic representations of Christ’s Passion.

Let King Richard’s craftsmen show you how to create enduring works of art sure to be treasured by your parish for generations to come. As one of the churches most steadfast spiritual traditions, your Stations of the Cross deserve the labors of only the most skilled master craftsmen using the finest imported marbles, precious metals, and seasoned wood. Yes, there are options to all those mundane catalog offerings; with King Richard’s, it’s not A, B or C.

Stations of the Cross Image 2-1Stations of the Cross Image 2-2Stations of the Cross Image 2-3Stations of the Cross Image 2-4

At King Richard’s you can draw inspiration from our warehouse which is home to hundreds of antique Stations of the Cross recovered from churches and religious facilities around the world. Or we can help you refine your concepts through watercolor or CAD mock-ups that virtually position the Stations within your church or your campus giving you unmatched perspective during the drafting process ensuring the desired sacred space.

Stations of the Cross Image 3

Throughout your project, you’ll be updated through written communication as well as photographs to document the work’s progress which is only accomplished with professional firms like King Richard’s. There will be no surprises when the finished product arrives! With more than three decades of satisfied customers to our credit, we know we can provide the quality you deserve.

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Stations of the Cross Image 5-3
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