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Statuary Removals/Installs

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If you are aware of a statue which requires removal due to disuse or disrepair, call King Richard’s. Not only will King Richard’s recover and refurbish these pieces, we will find a new proper liturgical home for them in recognition of their historical and cultural value. Great care is always given to the final placement of any item at King Richard’s, and only appropriate liturgical contexts are considered. We have a long standing reputation in the industry for compensating at fair market value and have the ability to present you with the immediate capital required for your current project or needs.

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King Richard’s also provides installation services for new or antique statuary of all sizes including pedestal design, flooring schemes, and lighting treatments. Our experienced specialty contracting crews will install your new statuary in an outdoor or indoor setting in a manner which accentuates its liturgical provenance and preserves its structural integrity. At all times our crews work in a manner respectful of the setting into which it is being placed and uphold safe work practices in keeping with OSHA guidelines and all local and state ordinances.

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